Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms constipation ibs-c

What is constipation?

Constipation occurs when bowel movements become difficult or less frequent. The normal length of time between movements ranges widely from person to person. Some people have movements three times a day, some only one or two times a week. Going longer than three days without a movement is too long. After three days, the stool or feces become harder and more difficult to pass.

Almost everyone gets constipated at some time during their life. It affects millions in the United States. Women and the elderly are more commonly affected though not usually serious, constipation can be a concern and uncomfortable.

Men and women who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome IBS-C and constipation often find relief from a combination of therapies. Health care providers may suggest changes in diet, exercise, and stress management, as well as medication.

The ultimate target of IBS treatment is to do more than just cure bowel problems. It is also to soothe the stomachaches, trapped gas and bloating that can come with IBS-C.



What Causes constipation?

Constipation is usually caused by a disorder of bowel function rather than a physical problem. Common causes of constipation include:

  • Inadequate water intake
  • Inadequate fiber in the diet
  • A disruption of regular diet or routine; traveling
  • Inadequate activity or exercise or immobility
  • Eating large amounts of dairy products
  • Stress
  • Bowel disorders – IBS-D Irritable Bowel Syndrome can cause constipation

Some sufferers use bulking agents, commonly known as fiber supplements, to treat IBS-D with constipation. These include:

Wheat bran
Corn fiber
Calcium polycarbophil

These supplements may increase bowel movement, but they do not appear to help with other IBS-D symptoms such as stomach aches, trapped gas, and swelling. In fact, extra doses of fiber may worsen abdominal pain, bloating, and discomfort in some people with IBS-C.

Many people with IBS-C take laxatives to help them go to the toilet. But laxatives may offer limited relief and can be harmful if taken regularly for more than a month.





For Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Diarrhea (IBS-D) diet control can help to improve symptoms.


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