Herbal Remedy Toxicity

Certain herbal remedies that have been manufactured in South Asia and sold in Boston area stores have been found to contain high levels of lead, mercury and arsenic. These remedies are Ayurvedic products that have been deemed to be unsafe, as reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association. It is very upsetting to be taking a herbal medication that is meant to heal and then to learn that it is actually toxic. The taking of these medications can result in heavy toxicity of metals in the body.

Because of this fact, there are individuals who may be afraid to take remedies for fear of ingesting heavy metals. The good news for sufferers is that there is a herbal remedy that is all natural and certified non-toxic. Sukondee contains no heavy metals and is perfectly safe to take, even for children.

There is No Fear of Toxicity with Sukondee

IBS sufferers have a number of symptoms to deal with that can interfere with living a normal and active lifestyle. Bloating, excessive gas, cramping, abdominal pain, diarrhea and/or constipation are all symptoms of IBS, but those who suffer with this syndrome can find relief with Sukondee. A full course of treatment will treat IBS and relieve the frustrating and sometimes debilitating symptoms that accompany it. Six bottles, each containing 60 capsules, constitute one full treatment of Sukondee. It just takes two capsules twice a day to bring relief, and children from six to twelve can benefit from one capsule per day. Sukondee will not only work on cramps, abdominal pain and gas, it will also regulate the intestinal tract and help normal bowel function to return. This is music to the ears of anyone suffering with IBS symptoms.

Through government testing, it has been found that Sukondee is non-toxic and is completely free of harmful heavy metals that can be found in some other remedies. Sukondee is also without side effects, so it is perfectly safe to take. Sufferers do not have to worry when taking this 100% natural herbal remedy.

There are many satisfied Sukondee customers who are now able to live the lives they have always wanted to enjoy but were previously unable to because of their symptoms. Sukondee originated in Thailand and China and has proven to be a very effective remedy minus the worry that comes from taking other medicines or prescription drugs. And even young children can safely take it and get relief from their symptoms.irritable-bowel-syndrome-spastic-colon-ibs

Do not suffer with IBS when there is a 100% natural herbal remedy that is free of toxins, has no side effects and can relieve symptoms. Take a look at this amazing herbal remedy at the Sukondee product page. Browse the website and read what satisfied customers have to say about this all natural, non-toxic remedy for IBS. There is no need to suffer when Sukondee is available.



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