IBS Herbal Remedies

Why IBS Herbal Remedies?

IBS herbal remedies have become very popular as more and more people have become concerned with both the side effects of drugs used in treating IBS and the limited effectiveness of these drugs.

IBS herbal remedies are an attractive alternative, in both their safety as well as their effectiveness.

IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome, also known as Spastic Colon - is an intractable condition that can wreak havoc in a person's private and professional life. Because IBS is such a complicated condition it is extremely hard to treat it effectively.

Prescription and OTC (over the counter) drugs have been found to be sorely lacking in effectiveness, ignoring possible side effects, and dietary control for IBS can be a nightmare as trigger foods are notoriously hard to isolate, leaving you with a nebulous cloud of major food groups that sometimes seem to exclude just about everything. All this with mostly dubious results. It does remind one of the never-ending battles of weight-loss, although in the case of IBS the impact on your life can be devastating.

IBS herbal remedies do have their pitfalls, as we will see later, and you have to be aware and on the lookout for these.

IBS Herbal Remedies vs IBS Drugs

Many general reviews of drugs such as antidepressants appear to proclaim their effectiveness in treating IBS. However, if you look at the individual studies and speak to the masses of sufferers active on IBS forums the picture that emerges is vastly different.

A little research of individual studies, of which there have been many, will come up with a mixed bag. The best results seem to be an efficacy of around the mid-twenty percent. This can hardly be translated into 'effective'.

The following is a short excerpt from a review of 40 studies, published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

"The primary objective of this review was to evaluate the efficacy of bulking agents, antispasmodic and antidepressant medication for the treatment of IBS...
...Although there is evidence of benefit for antispasmodic drugs for abdominal pain and global assessment of symptoms; it is unclear whether anti-spasmodic subgroups are individually effective. There is no clear evidence of benefit for antidepressants or bulking agents."

IBS herbal remedies have not been tested extensively in a controlled environment, the only study we are aware of was done in Australia. The double-blind IBS herbal remedies trial was done over a 16 week period on 116 people with IBS. It found a 59 percent improvement in 78 percent of the patients.
Review of the IBS Herbal Remedies Trial
The Journal of the American Medical Association on the IBS Herbal Remedies Trial

Some herbal remedies used for IBS do have side effects. More about the possible side effects of IBS herbal remedies and herbs.

Toxicity, or heavy metal content, is another factor to keep in mind when buying IBS herbal remedies. Investigations, such as this one on Ayurvedic herbal remedies published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found some shocking levels of heavy metals in herbal remedies being sold in the USA.


IBS Herbal remedy - Non-Toxic and No Side Effects

Sukondee is a natural IBS herbal remedy that has no side effects and is certified non-toxic. Getting rid of excessive and trapped gas, Sukondee strengthens and regulates the gastrointestinal and bowel functions with use. It is effective for gastrointestinal problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, with or without diarrhea or constipation.

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