Visceral Hypersensitivity

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a condition that can curtail the daily activities of the sufferer. It is not caused by a medical problem but rather the dysfunctional operation of the intestines. The sufferer has to endure bouts of constipation and/or diarrhea along with abdominal pain, gas and cramping.

Visceral hypersensitivity is a concern with individuals with irritable bowel syndrome. It has been noted that many sufferers have a hypersensitivity to the pain and discomfort from their symptoms. They will feel pain with a lower amount of stimulation than someone who is not suffering from this syndrome.

This hypersensitivity also seems to be more common in women than in men but IBS is more common in women. Not all sufferers have a hypersensitivity problem. When changes in the nervous system take place, as they do with IBS, visceral hypersensitivity can be a factor for some who are suffering with this syndrome.

Irritable Bowel syndrome sufferers do seem to have more of a tendency to have amplification of pain within parts of the brain, which would have a greater chance of bringing on visceral hypersensitivity than in those who are not suffering from IBS.

With visceral hypersensitivity, it has also been noted that stress will trigger a brain/gut reaction in sufferers more so than in other individuals.

Help for IBS

So what is a person who has IBS to do? Is this condition something that has to be lived with and tolerated, or are there ways that it can be treated and controlled so that a normal life can still be enjoyed? There is a herbal remedy available that is natural, has no side effects, and is certified non-toxic through government laboratory testing.

Sukondee is free of any heavy metals that have been found in other herbal remedies. Sukondee originated in Thailand and China and has been an effective treatment for gastrointestinal and bowel disorders. It is even safe for children to take. It will usually give complete relief, for cramping, bloating, gas and pain in the abdomen. Sukondee also relaxes the bowel muscles and helps to regulate function with use of the full course of treatment, consisting of six bottles.

Sukondee contains extract of Messua Ferrea Linn, Stephania Pierrei Diels, Cinnamomum Bejolghoto Sweet and Masonia Gagei Drum. Two capsules taken twice a day are all that is needed, until the full course has been completed. If quick relief for gas is needed, two to three capsules will bring relief. Children from six to twelve years of age can take one capsule for relief of symptoms.
Sukondee is a 100% natural treatment and will help sufferers to have normal bowel functioning. A governmental health laboratory has tested Sukondee and proven it to be non-toxic. For the relief of IBS symptoms and the chance to live a normal life, Sukondee is the best IBS natural treatment that can help get you back on track.


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