anxiety in stomach

Have you ever felt like butterflies were fluttering around inside your stomach? This is how people sometimes describe nervous stomach. Although anxiety in the stomach is not a true medical diagnosis, it is a commonly reported condition.

Most people relate nervous stomach to indigestion in association with bloating and changes in bowel habits. Some people may describe it as having "knots" in their stomach, and it may seem like it has a mind of its own. To some extent this is true, it does have a mind of its own, and that mind is under the control of the enteric nervous system. Similar to the brain, the enteric nervous system produces chemical messengers called neurotransmitters to transmit signals from the stomach to the brain. Approximately nine times more messages are sent from the stomach to brain than from the brain to the stomach.
To put it simply, your brain tells your stomach that something is wrong and then you experience nervous stomach.

what causes nervous stomach

Have you noticed cramping, tightness and churning in your stomach during stressful situations? Nervous stomach is usually reported by people when they are in situations of stress or anxiety. The digestive system is susceptible to emotional changes, especially stress, anxiety and depression. In fact, some doctors have suggested that stressful situations trigger the stomach to produce more stomach acid, which causes symptoms that resemble heartburn. One of the key causes of nervous stomach is IBS


symptoms and treatment of nervous stomach

There exist many different symptoms of nervous stomach. Common symptoms include abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, constant burping, heartburn, excessive sweating, nausea, and indigestion. Some other symptoms one may experience when having a nervous stomach are:

Acid Reflux: Stomach acids can build up and regurgitate into the esophagus triggering an uncomfortable burning sensation in the throat and mouth. It can be painful and in some cases it is associated with anxiety. This condition is commonly referred to as acid reflux and it is a symptom of nervous stomach. Acid reflux can persist for a few hours.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Although IBS is a common symptom of nervous stomach, it is a physiological condition that is not initiated by anxiety and stress; these feelings simply exacerbate IBS.
Ulcers: Ulcers are holes in the lining of the stomach. It was commonly believed that stomach ulcers were a product of the stressful lives that people led. Research revealed that ulcers may be caused by a bacterial infection of the stomach lining however anxiety may contribute to the development of ulcers.
Gas Issues: The build-up of gas, as well as constant burping and flatulence, are common symptoms of a nervous stomach. Gas-related issues may be unpleasant and embarrassing conditions.

If you often experience some sort of indigestion, where your stomach “inexplicably” becomes bloated or upset particularly when you’re anxious about something, then you probably have a nervous stomach. Also called “irritable bowel syndrome,” a nervous stomach can be an extremely difficult condition to have.

Understanding the condition

To put things in a proper perspective, it is not the stomach that is nervous, you are.
Your anxiety sends your internal system into a frenzy and as such, it is the stomach that happens to be the weakest link. Against this context, getting a natural remedy for a nervous stomach is important mainly because you will be able to avoid unpleasant side-effects—a drug would not have much of a use if it merely introduces another problem. A nervous stomach’s symptoms from the most despised (vomiting, diarrhea, an unpleasant sense of churning) to the not-so-hated (stomach cramps, constant burping, or a general feeling of being sick).
You must understand that all these symptoms have a single underlying cause.

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